The Pass it On Project

Melissa Nicolardi - Director, Producer, Editor

Melissa Nicolardi is a documentary filmmaker, media educator and former public school teacher.  She began making films after several years of using documentaries to engage her students in activities around human rights and social justice. She has since shot, produced and edited documentary content for television, news outlets, corporations, non-profits and independent directors. However,  the most valuable experience that Melissa brings to The Pass It On Project are the several years she spent as a classroom teacher during which she was humbled daily by the wealth of power, ingenuity and insight possessed by her students.

Kalim Armstrong - Producer, Director of Photography
Kalim Armstrong is a filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York. His work as a director, producer, and cinematographer documenting individuals and communities living on the fringe of mainstream culture has taken him to the mountains of Norway to document soldiers training for winter warfare, through the streets of New York City following bike messengers, across Europe filming rock and roll tour documentaries.  . He is directing his first feature documentary, In the Woods, about a homeless community living in a tent city in New Jersey. As the son of two educators who have devoted their lives to trying to make the world a more understanding, equitable, and just place for all cultures and races – The Pass it On Project has a special significance.