The Pass it On Project

"Educators will delight at the informative, inspiring and haunting images of the sites and sounds of the Movement included in the film....The film would also lend itself easily to inclusion in education courses at the college and university level, as well as in credential programs, not only because of the challenges faced by the teachers,
but also because of the groundbreaking and innovative nature of their instructional project."

–★★★★ RECOMMENDED; Educational Media Reviews Online (EMRO)


"The Pass It On Project is a provocative and transformative narrative account of a historical, developmental and personal three week "field trip" retracing this nation's Civil Rights history. This film raises the
bar, demonstrating how teachers can take risks and exercise responsibility while harnessing students' lived experiences to develop youth voices for racial justice.
With significant gaps in
teacher education literature regarding first-hand, experiential stories
from youth, The Pass It On Project leads the way into the unchartered landscape of teaching youth about the social movement towards legislating racial equality; and provides teacher educators with a
riveting case study that continues to shape and define the lives of children." 

–Melinda Salazar, Associate Professor, Western New Mexico University
Masters in Teaching Elementary and Secondary Education Program


"This film is a testament to the power of anti-racist teaching and our collective humanity at its best. The Pass It On Project connects the institutional racism of the past to the experiences of students of color today as the camera follows a group of 12 eighth graders on bus trip to the south that explores the Civil Rights Movement. The film is able to maintain a powerful focus on race while authentically reflecting
the complexity and challenges of teacher-student relationships.

It is a must-watch for social studies and history classrooms, teacher training, and anti-racist organizing."

–Erika Bernabei, Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink

Run time: 47 minutes + Bonus Materials


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